Works in Progress

YOUR GARDEN PLACE (a non-fiction picture book)

With sparse text and and varied settings, YOUR GARDEN PLACE shows the many types of gardens in the world. From school gardens to zen gardens, from pots on a balcony to a working farm, any child in any place can find a way to have a garden all her own.

WATER FLOWS (a non-fiction picture book)

Written in short, simple, rhyming couplets, WATER FLOWS takes the reader on a journey around the globe, showing the ways children of different cultures and in different time periods interact with water in their communities.

MY TREE WORKS HARD! (a non-fiction picture book)

If a tree had a to-do list, it might look something like this:

1. Slurp up water
2. Don’t fall over
3. Repeat

Trees and kids have more in common than you might think. Eating, drinking, growing, even resting! A girl explores, with humor and heart, the similarities between herself and her favorite tree.


A WAY WITH WATER: Ways to Find, Move, Lift, Collect and Store Water
(a non-fiction book series for readers ages 6-10)

In every culture throughout history, access to water has been a challenge. And it continues to be. This series explores some of the most ingenious and fascinating methods, tools and devices invented by humans to get water where they want it to go.

The first of the series is FIND. It may seem obvious but if you lived in a place or at a time before we had water supplied to our cities, neighborhoods and homes, it wasn’t so easy. Some of the methods used for centuries may sound odd or even hard to believe: Using a coconut on your hand? How about two sticks?

Perfect for STEM with NGSS and Common Core correlations.


Poor Pierre, the fountaineer of Versailles, must perfect the palace fountains or be banished. But there just isn’t enough water! Pierre tries and tries to make the fountains flow. But, to please the cranky King, Pierre must get creative (AND a little sneaky). 

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