Terra Bella Books

Children’s Environmental Fiction & Non-fiction with a focus on Water

Why write for children? Too many non-fiction books still look just like they did when I was in elementary school.

My goal is to provide interesting facts in a fun, exciting and creative way. I can get a class of pre-schoolers excited by the idea that when you get your sleeves wet, it’s so incredibly wonderful that they will dry! On their own! It’s science!

I am a writer and environmental educator with a background in early childhood education, landscape design, and water conservation. My expanded interest in soil health, water conveyance, urban gardens, creative rainwater harvesting and children’s gardens evolved into work as a writer and promoter of environmental awareness which is lacking in so many urban areas.

As a fourth generation Californian and southern California resident, I am digging deeper into the subject of water—so important in southern California.

Topics & themes:
-Amazing water systems in history
-Water Fountains
-How water travels
-The fascinating Soil-o-Sphere
-How Trees protect each other
-The Drain! The truth about where your water goes

See my “Works in Progress”

My writing includes books, articles and curriculum.

Dr. Seuss Wrote “Green Eggs and Ham” on a bet that he couldn't write a book with 50 or fewer words.

Paula Henson

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Writer & Educator

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